About us

We are a team from the company ABRA Software, which has been creating and delivering the ERP information system ABRA since 1991 on the Czech and Slovak market. Our main office is in Prague, Czech Republic, in the heart of Europe. We have a long-term experience in the development, distribution and support of ERP systems. One of the new products in our company is primaERP, a cloud-based software for customers anywhere in the world.

A few facts about ABRA Software:

  • On the market since 1991
  • 9,000+ users of the ABRA Gx ERP systems in the Czech and Slovak market
  • 3,000+ users of the Flexibee ERP system in the Czech and Slovak market
  • 20,000+ primaERP users in the first 4 years
  • Has more than 100 employees
  • The main office is in Prague, Czech Republic
  • Has been ISO 9001 certified since 1996

What is primaERP?

It is a software consisting of enterprise modules of the new generation, which has been on the market since 2012, and operates completely in the cloud. It’s available anywhere in the world via the web or mobile devices. Currently it consists of three web modules : Time Tracking, Billing and Attendance, where Time Tracking is available both as an Android and iOS app and Attendance as an Android app.

primaERP in numbers:

  • Being developed since 2012
  • Available in 7 languages (plus other languages with the help from our user community)
  • Excellent online support in 7 languages (En, De, Es, Pt, Ru, Cz, Sk)
  • 20,000+ users in the first 4 years
  • Users from over 100 countries in the world
  • 2 Amazon datacenters (one for Europe and one for America)

Our team

JARA photo Jaroslav Řasa CEO
PEVA photo Petr Vacek primaERP Sales & Support manager
MASE photo Martin Schayna primaERP Development manager
MAST photo Martin Štekl Analyst
JAMI photo Jan Macháček primaERP developer
SAPA photo Stanislav Pavlíček primaERP developer
ANDO photo Aneta Doubková primaERP developer
PEST photo Petr Štěpánek primaERP developer
BORI photo Boris Ivan Barreto primaERP testing & QA
PETVOJ photo Petr Vojta Mobile solutions team manager
JAKO photo Jakub Koc Graphic designer
ALSO photo Aleš Svoboda Video specialist
DEBA photo Deborah Baur primaERP Sales & Support specialist
ULTE photo Uljana Černohorská primaERP Sales & Support specialist
MONI photo Mónica Márquez primaERP Sales & Support specialist
SILU photo Sidarta de Lucca primaERP Sales & Support specialist
JASI photo Jakub Šikola Online marketing specialist


ABRA Software a.s. Jeremiasova 1422/7b 155 00, Prague Czech Republic

Sales: info@primaerp.com

Support: support@primaerp.com