Track your time and bill it online

is a cloud application for monitoring the attendance, tracking time on projects and tasks as well as billing your clients.
Available on the web, tablet or smartphone, it consists of the following modules:

Time Tracking


An easy-to-use Attendance system for tracking your working time and breaks. The simple timesheets give you an overview of what you and your co-workers have been doing. (If you need more detailed tracking for projects, clients and tasks, go on to our Time Tracking module.)
The main benefits from Attendance are:

  • Clock-in and out, easily and fast
  • The Android mobile app can also be used in the field
  • Automatic timesheets you can export and email per click
  • Daily, weekly or monthly overview of your co-workers’ time
  • Real-time overview of your team’s work

Time Tracking

A smart time tracking app for individuals and/or teams, so you can see how much time you spend on your client, project, task and/or activity. See your time in the reports, which you can filter and group by client, project, etc., as well as in the team calendar. There are many features!
The main benefits from Time Tracking are:

  • Find out how you spend your time and monitor the time expenses
  • Increase your efficiency and earn more for hourly paid work
  • See your and the productivity of your team improve
  • Know the profitability of your tasks and projects
  • Let the time records help you bill your clients more accurately

The Billing module helps you create and manage your bills, based on the time records created in Attendance and/or Time Tracking. You can personalize the bills as well as add any extra incurred costs. Also, price your time accurately by creating hourly rates for the project, client, activity, etc.
The main benefits from Billing are:

  • Accurately price your time with different hourly rates
  • Easily create bills for clients based on time records
  • You’ll never forget to bill your working time
  • Export, print and e-mail your bills with a single click
  • Keep track of your paid and unpaid bills


Customer references

Customer references

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