Time Tracking

Why to use Time Tracking?

Bill out everything you worked on

Track your time spent on various projects. Create a clear report for your client then.

Track time as you like it

Live? Retrospectively? In bulk? It’s up to you what suit suits best

Observe, what activities is being worked on

Analyze your team’s performance in clear reports. Decide, whether your team is productive

Don’t know what you’ve been working on?

Don’t worry. The Impulses functions will suggest you task you worked on


Intelligent and simple time tracking

Tracking time on your projects, tasks, activities and clients will be really easy

Time Tracking allows you to track the time you spent on various projects, tasks, activities, or clients. Keep tasks, that you are currently working on, in your impulse panel and measure the time with a single click. Easily enter the time spent in the Calendar view, retroactively or in real time, or use the Agenda view to switch quickly between repetitive tasks for the day. You can also use the mobile application. Time tracking has never been so easy!

Perfect overview of time and money

Connect prima:Time with any other application

To create time records, use scheduled meetings and activities from your Google or Exchange calendar by simply dragging them into the prima:Time calendar. You can also share projects and recorded times with the Basecamp application or connect prima:Time with other external applications via the API.

Integration with other apps

This timetracker provides you tools for effective teamwork

You’ll be able to start using the application in your company quickly, without any complicated training. Invite your colleagues to prima:Time, give them access to the modules, appoint them user roles and assign them to individual projects. By working together on projects and tasks, you can see the activity in the team calendar and watch the effectivity increase. With the clear team and project reports, you will have a nice overview of the time spent and amount invoiced.



Compare the planned time with the real hours spent on a project or task to see which work is more beneficial. To know how much time and effort was spent on individual projects is the key for every business. A thorough analysis of the time records can tell you how much effort you dedicated to a specific project or client, as well as help you determine the prices and set your priorities.

Web application

Mobile application

Track your time anywhere and anytime from your smartphone or tablet

  • Available for mobile devices with Android and iOS
  • Perfect for tracking the time in the field, on the go, anywhere
  • In your language (all versions in all 7 supported languages)
  • Immediate synchronization to the cloud when online
  • You can also work offline and automatically sync your data once online
  • Contains basic settings, all Time Tracking functions and your personal report
  • Quick and easy user interface
  • Download for free!
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