Attendance - who is at work and who isn’t?

Clock in and out, as simple as that

Keep track of your presence with the simple click of a button. Clock in, switch to your break or another activity and at the end of the day, clock out. It’s easy! Either on your computer or on-the-go with your smartphone, thanks to the cloud you can now track your working time anywhere, at any time.

See the time in & out, duration and breaks

You can define the breaks or activities and obtain an overview of your total working time and the time spent on breaks in your timesheet. Depending on the assigned user role, you can also see the timesheets of your team members.

E-mail and export timesheets

Once the timesheet is complete, it’s really easy to export it, print it or e-mail as a PDF to your colleagues or boss. You can also have an overview of the attendance in the reports and calendar of the Time Tracking module.

Attendance or Time Tracking?

Attendance is the simplest tool for tracking the time spent at work and with non-working activities/breaks. In case you need to track your time on projects, tasks, clients and/or different activities, then you should use Time Tracking instead.


One-click entry

Easy record your attendance activities

Clock in, clock out. That’s it. Define your breaks and activities and switch between them with a single click. It’s as straightforward as it can be. Plus, choose between a detailed or summarized overview of your working day.

Comprehensive timesheets

See overview in clear and simple timesheets.

Employees can access and check their current and previous timesheets, see how much time they spent per day, week or month, and export or email them directly from the app.

Accessible anywhere

Attendance in cloud means accessibility anywhere anytime.

All features of the web app are also available for Android. The field workers can keep a record of their working hours as easy as if they were sitting in the same office. All data is safely stored in the cloud and available in one place. The app works offline too and automatically synchronizes as soon as it is online again.

Benefits from integration

Attendance and Time tracking are closely interconnected.

By using Attendance, you get not only an easy-to-use app but due to the integration with the prima:Time modules, a tool to analyze your data. The reports and the team overview from Time Tracking give you a closer look at the data, while Billing enables you to even assign and evaluate costs- all 3 together and you have the full package with the possibility to extend it with other integrations.

Web application

Mobile application

Record your attendance anywhere and anytime from your smartphone or tablet

  • Available for mobile devices with Android
  • Perfect for clocking in and out in the field, on the go, anywhere
  • In your language (all versions in 7 supported languages)
  • Immediate synchronization to the cloud when online
  • You can also work offline and automatically sync your data once online
  • Contains basic settings, all Attendance functions and your personal timesheet
  • Quick and easy user interface
  • Download for free!
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