The prima:Time app helps to increase your productivity by tracking the time spent on tasks, analyzing your performance and eventually billing every activity out.


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The prima:Time application is used by firms with different business models such as law & tax firms, creative agencies, software houses, product-based firms, etc. Even though they differ in their focus, they still use the app similarly – they track their time spent of tasks, evaluate their performance and eventually some of them send their clients the time spent on projects as an attachment to the invoice

Software companies

Marketing agencies

Consulting companies

Why to choose prima:Time application

  • Fast, simple and intuitive
    Create time records just with few clicks. You will be able to master the application within moments

  • Whenever, Wherever
    Runs on a secure cloud, so it’s available anytime and anywhere. On a computer, tablet and mobile phone

  • Track time as you like it
    Live? Retrospectively? In bulk? It’s up to you what suits you best.

  • Detailed and customizable reports
    Combine filters to get a clear overview of your time records.

  • Don’t lose a penny
    Set an hourly rate and leave the rest to the application - it automatically generates bills for you

  • API Integration
    Reliably and securely integrates with other applications and systems

Customer references

Customer references

prima:Time is being used in more than 100 countries and in more than 7 languages around the world.

About prima:Time

We love to be productive and always want get the most of our time. That’s why we came up with a versatile cloud app which deals with the issue of productivity and efficient use of time. The app was firstly created for our own purposes. However, in the early development stages, we realized many of the features can be beneficial to other teams who struggle to keep track of time spent on projects. For that purpose, we designed the app to be the best assistant who makes the life of businesses easier.

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